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About Us

The Way of Skos Life

Inspired by the Mediterranean way of life and personal style, we have recreated the once humble espadrille with unique designs and premium European materials.We naturally took the decision to craft our espadrilles in its homeland Spain,this quarantees the best quality and business practices.Apart from the craftsmanship, quality materials and finish,the best thing about our espadrilles being made in Spain is being able to deliver such a quality of confi in style espadrilles

Mediterranean Sea Shoes

Eco Skos

How Green can we go?

Our espadrilles are made with natural textiles which includes cotton,Linen and suede.Natural materials are cooler and more breathable than synthetic fabrics.
The Sole
A natural vegetables fibre which does not require pesticides harmful to the environment and is 100% bio-degradable.Just soles allow natural transpiration to your feet,keeping them cool and odour free.
The Jute Protector
To protect the jute sole from wear and water,we apply a thin layer natural rubber taken from latex extracted from trees.Natural rubber is very resistant to heat and more resistant to wear than synthetic rubber.
Espadrilles are the ultimate Eco-Friendly shoes;handmade with natural materials and helping preserve local communities and its artisans.All materials used in our espadrilles canbe recycled and reused.

Skos Espadrilles Handmade

Shoes Model
The fabric uppers are made in Spain,Portugal and Italy.They are hand stitched to the jute sole in comparison to other espadrilles,Ours feature extra hand stitches for extra durability
Following the tradition of espadrille making,our espadrilles have no left or right foot shape.They naturally take the shape of your feet,making it a perfect and comfortable fit

Skos Inspiration

Many things have inspired us to create SKOS. The Mediterranean and its lifestyle, Miami, the Caribbean, good design, simplicity, great food, the environment, craftsmanship; the list is endless

SKOS is nature,summer, mediation and simplicity.

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